Danny is one of these exceptional and self-driven persons that are hard to find. One of his character traits that impressed me was his honesty. He wasn’t afraid to speak his mind even when it was against his interest while everybody else was just going with the flow. 

Teo Lachev
Owner, Prologika

Danny’s business acumen and technical competence, in combination, are a rare and precious set of skills today. I have always been impressed with Danny for his abilities, but I have always been most impressed by Danny’s integrity and character. He’s a target of what people in our profession should aspire to become and he is an example of how people in our profession should comport themselves with honesty and compassion; he’s a class act and an asset to any project.

Jeff Franks
President, Integration Atlanta

Danny has superb integrity and provides invaluable advice and support.

Michael Cully
CEO and Founder, Susterre

Danny is an outstanding leader who is committed to excellence in every way. He encourages every member of the organization to be their best and inspires them to go the extra mile by giving of himself completely to the mission. I highly recommend Danny.

Teddy Wiegand
VP Business Development, Dale Carnegie

I worked with Danny for some strategy work. He and his team were professional, creative, and most importantly knowledgeable. They had a clear vision around how to meet our needs and requirements as well as deep knowledge. I would not hesitate to work with Danny in the future.

Natalie Lopez
Senior Manager, Apple

Of the many partners we worked with, Danny was among the group I enjoyed the most. Danny’s ability to find client requirements, communicate those, and then work with me to determine the best fit, led to several successful engagements for everyone. I admired the fact that he always put the best interest of the client first, ahead of anything else.

Chris Kaverny
Account Executive

Danny was always on top of the work efforts to ensure that requests and the requirements were fulfilled by and with his teams… I wish more vendors would incorporate the same passions to satisfy customers and provide great service as Danny.

Charlie Webster
Vendor Manager, Turner

In every encounter that I’ve had with Danny, he was always honest and helpful. If something couldn’t be done, he said so. If we had constraints that needed to be met, he was creative in coming up with solutions to meet our needs. At all times, I felt that he had my company’s best interests at heart. He was more interested in long-term partnerships/relationships than short-term financial gains. This is in sharp contrast to the mentality that many consulting companies seem to have. I highly recommend Danny.

Jeramie Mercker