About Danny Ryan

I’m a Business Coach focusing on Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners who want to work with a coach to achieve goals and objectives that will stretch them to grow.  I coach from a Catholic / Christian worldview and this forms my approach when working with clients.

Although the focus can definitely be in professional areas like growing the business, I take an integrated life approach that includes personal goals like becoming a better husband/father and living the life God is calling you to (as Matthew Kelly would say, the “best version of yourself.”)

I’ve got a unique background of bootstrapping a successful multi-million dollar consulting firm (called ThreeWill) with my brother for about two decades. Over that time, I had to wear so many different hats that I went bald. Like most men, the first half of my career was focused on my own accomplishments. During the second half, I’m looking to support other men (like you?) as a coach.

I’m certified as a Master Life Coach, Professional Life Coach, Goal Setting Life Coach, Life Purpose Life Coach, and Happiness Life Coach. In 2021, I’m focusing on getting accredited as a Professional Certified Coach from the Institute for Life Coach Training. I’m also actively pursuing a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Avila Institute this year.

My educational background is I’m an Industrial and Systems Engineer from Georgia Tech.  I’m always looking for a better way to do things and can’t leave good enough alone. I love my wife Amy and my three children dearly.  We’ve been a foster family recently and attend Our Lady of the Mountains, in Jasper, Georgia.

The first step is to reach out to me for a free 15 minute coaching session so we can discuss what you are looking for from a coach and decide if it’s a good fit for both of us.