A couple of weeks ago I shared my thoughts on the Porn Pandemic and an online course called Be True from Souls and Hearts that helps Catholic couples to address issues with pornography.  I outlined ten benefits to taking the course and I’ve got another one to add to the list.  We’ll call this Benefit #11.  Benefit #11 is you can take the course on your favorite mobile device (assuming your favorite mobile device uses iOS or Android, of course).

In this article, I’ll walk you through how to download the app along with courses from Souls and Hearts.  I’ll even walk you through downloading a free course that everyone could use, called “A Catholic’s Guide to Helping a Loved One in Distress.”

Let’s get started…

Downloading the App

The first thing you need to know is that Souls and Hearts courses are hosted on a platform called Kajabi.  That’s important to know because we will be downloading the app from them to access the content from Souls and Hearts.  You can download the apps from this page – https://pages.kajabi.com/mobile-app-download or just search for “Kajabi” in the App Store or Play Store.

Logging In

The key next step is to create an account using the same email address that you use for your Souls and Hearts account.  This is key because this is what is used to link you to your courses on Souls and Hearts.  A bonus is you will also see content for other courses that you have signed up for on other sites that use Kajabi.  For example, I saw that I had access to a copywriting course that I signed up for many moons ago.

Figure 1 – All Websites

To my surprise, as you see in Figure 1 above, when I logged into the app I had access to content from other sites that use Kajabi!  Nooice!

Once You Are In

Now for the fun part… You now can go watch your content from Souls and Hearts whenever and wherever you want.  I was going to say while commuting, but many of us aren’t doing that now.  You can watch videos, mark content as completed, read module notes and search through all the content.  One of my favorite features is you can continue learning where you left off – course progress is saved in the app and on the web.  Below are some screenshots of that I took from my iPhone.  Figure 2 shows a specific course and Figure 3 shows a lesson from that course.



Figure 2 – A Specific Course


Figure 3 – A Specific Lesson

Your Challenge, Should You Choose To Accept It

If you’ve already signed up for a course on Souls and Hearts, congratulations!  Download the app and use the same email to create a Kajabi account and you now have that course on your phone.  If you haven’t, here’s your homework.  Go and sign up for a free course called “A Catholic’s Guide to Helping a Loved One in Distress.”  You can create a free account and access the content immediately.  And, now, you can even access that on your mobile 24/7.

I hope you enjoy using the app, I know I sure have.  God bless you all!